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Simple post

Just want to add some text and an image.


Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

So this is a plus for a paragraph. There is no way to just return and then select a heading. What happens when someone wants to copy and paste?


This is the checklist that goes along with the Daily Tarot Walk. The card of Justice is one of personal responsibility; this form is a way to be responsible to yourself. To keep track as you work through the lessons and learn about the Walking Stick. This Justice card shows a woman holding a sword and scales. The sword is symbolic of truthfulness; the scales symbolize weighing information. This form will ask you to be honest with yourself and the commitment you have made. It also gives you a place to weigh the worth of what you are learning.

There is a page for each Step of the Daily Tarot Walk for you to fill out. I encourage you to use the form.

Step One

  • Printed Attachments
  • Exercise 1.1
  • Exercise 1.2
  • Exercise 1.3
  • Finished the lesson
  • Sent reply email
  • Write what you learned

This is a quote

I have just added a three column layout next to  this image

You have to click here, but I’m not seeing the third column.

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Understanding HTML & CSS Simply

What you want on your page is HTML

Header Box
Header Image
Content Box
Footer Box
Footer Information

How it will look is CSS

I want a bit of spacing at the top and then my header image.
I want to have my title be blue and be bigger then the regular text.
I want my text to be grey and I want to use Arial font.

HTML stuff are called Tags & Elements

CSS stuff are called Selectors & Properties

They are both code languages.

To convert what you want to on the page we have to say it in the HTML language.

<header><img src="myheaderimage.png" /></header>

header is the tag <header></header> is the element.

<header><img src="myheaderimage.png" /></header>
 <h1>This is my content</h1>
 <p>The is where I talk about my content.</p>
 <p>This is all copyright Shari Lynn Smith</p>

To convert how you want it look on the page we have say that in the CSS language.

header { padding-top: 25px; }

header is the selector padding-top is the property

header { padding-top: 25px; }
 h1 { color: blue; font-size: 30px; }
 p { color: grey; font-size: 16px; }
 * { font-family: "Arial"}

WordPress handles all of this for you, however understanding what is where can be helpful when you want to change something. this is not all the information nor all that is needed to create a web page, there are many websites that will explain and teach you how to write code. This however will help you to know where you have to go to change something on your WordPress site.


Your Theme writes the HTML Structure code
Your Theme CSS writes the Styling code
WordPress core writes the content HTML code

I work in Thesis because anything you can do with HTML you can do with Thesis. The Thesis Skin Editor does all the HTML structure stuff, the CSS is customizable easily, and WordPress handles all the content stuff.


Inkscape Notes

Things I’ve done and need to remember when using Inkscape.

I didn’t like seeing the piece of paper and I’m not going to be printing stuff often so I turned it off.

File > Document Properties > Untick Display Show page border

Per Nick Saporito on Youtube:

View > Custom


View > Zoom > 1:1